Deborah Hamlette
Deborah Hamlette, Program Coordinator

Butterflies represent soaring to greater heights and achieving goals to become what God created us to be.  Many female preteens have difficulty transitioning into the role of responsible adults. As a result, many of their dreams are deferred and they fail to aspire to reach the potential to succeed in life. Dysfunctional relationships at home, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence to dare to dream are often major stumbling blocks to success. Exposing and educating young ladies to the potential of their tomorrow is a bridge to the pathway to excellence.

The mission of the Young Butterflies program is to positively impact the lives of female preteens and adolescents and assist them in resolving issues by providing a safe environment, conducive to open dialogue, while fostering the development of alternative ways of thinking, responding to parental, social, and environmental situations and circumstances.

We seek to teach, train, and transform female adolescents by positioning them to learn biblical principles, stand on those promises and proceed to their purpose. Ultimately, to expose, educate, and empower young girls from the ages of 11 to 16, through a Christian foundation, to make better decisions and chart a path towards excellence in all endeavors. By instilling biblical and spiritual virtues we hope to enhance their relationship with God and affect positive change in their lives.

Components of the program include:YB


"I Dream Of A World..."
The 2014 Young Butterflies Video Project