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The Remarkable Women's Program was designed to be a small-group based women's ministry. It is a nine-month program in which the groups meet bi-weekly. By using this suggested meeting schedule, the participants have an opportunity to meditate on the word of God and to process the lessons from each unit. During the course of this nine-month journey, the women will bond and form a lasting sisterhood. In order to create a "safe zone" for each participate, it is suggested the group size be limited to 60 or fewer. This allows for a small intimate group setting. It is a powerful transformational study for women's ministry regardless of the size of the church.

The following units are covered in the workbook:

In addition to the workbook, there is a Facilitator's Guide which directs the group leaders through each lesson. Included in the Facilitator Guide is a Suggested List of Activities that enhances each of the lessons. Some of the suggested activities are taking photos at the beginning of the journey and again at the end enabling the participants to "see a better you", a spa day during the Heart of Gold unit and a retreat at the end of the nine-month journey.